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I have no problem using RC=20 on a 100" matte white screen.Use the arrow key > RC "ON" of the remote to adjust the value for RC. There's also a cool feature where the pj will turn RC on and off repetitively to see the difference. It is quite noticeable. I think the default value is 20.How close are you sitting? On my screen I have to get to within a few feet to see any noise.Also it's a good thing to use the AVS Calibration Disc There's a feature where you can adjust the...
If you expect to have ambient light and a white wall you'll want to have the brightest picture possible. I'm thinking Epson 5020 or Sony HW50. The Epson is twice as bright which means it will look 10% brighter, but the Sony has better motion for watching sports. I would get the projector first and some screen samples before choosing. Just project onto the wall for a while until you figure out the screen.
That's nice, but it also depends how far back you're sitting and how big the room is.Heres a pic of my room and a screenshot of Piranha 3D in bluray 2D. User mode low lamp with projector review settings. The picture is a bit brighter in person.100" Elunevision Reference fixed screen in matte white.
What kind of screen? Fixed, motorized, manual pull, AT, etc? Will you be watching 3D? If so you should consider higher than 1 gain in a family room. What colour walls? I have a HW50 but I have it in a dark cave environment with a Elunevision matte white 4k fixed screen. I got the screen from costco. It does very well with low or no ambient light but light from the side washes out the picture quite a bit. If I had to do it again I would look for a 1-1.3 gain grey screen.
The great thing about the Sony is the excellent colours OOTB.I tried the projectorreview calibration and it looks great on my matte white screen.
I considered the 5020 but the HW50 has the following advantages: -Better OOTB colour -Easier to calibrate -Brighter calibrated -Reality Creation -Quieter -No "dust blobs" like 5020 -Better QC (not as many issues) -Faster lag time -It's black Haven't played with the 5020 but this was enough for me to "upgrade" to the HW50.
1002084. Got it a couple weeks ago in Canada. Not sure if the first digits are country-specific.
My serial number is in the 2000 range and I don't have any 3D buzzing to report. To qualify that, I am 29 years old and can hear ultrasonic frequencies (like a dog whistle) so I'm not some deaf old bat. The only thing I would change about my setup is to get a high contrast grey screen to get a bit better black levels (currently have a 1.0 gain white screen). Otherwise, this thing is awesome for my usage (3D movies and sports).
What do you hope to gain with the new projector?
First I would try something simple like swapping cables. What is the cable length and brand? I am having success with amazon cheapo hdmi and Monoprice redmere 40' from ps3>yamaha avr>hw50.
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