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Where did you get the 20% coupon? They never seem to send me these anymore...I used to get them monthly...
Guys, While I appreciate the merits of your debate over dealer cost, it would be nice if we could keep this thread more centered on the performance and impressions of this beast of a TV. Y2J
Any impressions of this model yet Chris?
Has anyone been able to compare the 65" VT30 with the Pioneer Kuro KRP-600M? I am really happy with the 600M, but might be interested in a new set for my bedroom to replace an old Sony 40" XBR2 1080P and would juggle sets accordingly. Wondering if the VT30 is better than the 600M or not or if it is still too early to tell. Thanks guys, Y2J
Opened the 3DC1000 kit that was delivered from compusa.com on Monday last night and found that one of the pair of glasses was broken. Should I try to contact Mitsubishi for a replacement or Compusa? Anyone else find broken glasses in their kits?
So the glasses from the SSG-P2100T work with the 3DC1000?
I have a 50PZ800U and a KRP-600M. Although I haven't done direct side by side comparisons, I don't think you should expect a world of difference between the two sets. I am still very pleased with the Panasonic, although I do 95% of my viewing on the KRP-600M.
Maybe I totally missed something somewhere, but can someone tell me what patterns we should be using to adjust the color mgmt settings in control cal on the KRP? I've looked through my usual threads, but can't seem to find specifics. I've picked up an eye-one pro and I have calman ordered, but haven't gotten my license code yet, so am using colorhcfr right now. Thanks, Y2J
For some reason, the picture on my KRP-600M just doesn't pop or look right with broadcast HDTV. I am using ISF-Night mode primarily. This is especially noticeable on sports, especially wider shots of football and hockey. It looks somewhat blurry with a lot of material, I'm not sure how else to describe this. I didn't notice this problem on my PRO-111FD. I can't put my finger on exactly what is going on here. Blu-ray movies look good, I haven't tried a bunch of different...
My problem is that I am not that happy with the Red RGB Level Tracking if you look at that graph. I have seen calibration reports with alot better than that. D-Nice or any other pros, do you have any thoughts on my reports? Thanks, Y2J
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