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I'm on a 3Mbps DSL line (tops out at right around 360KBps when totally saturated) and I would get the medium HD stream with no problem before I cancelled my account.
It's really hard to tell if the OP is a troll or an idiot...
It will make a world of difference compared to your crappy AudioQuest cable. It will make the reds redder, blues bluer, and greens greener. Your bass extension will easily go down by another 10Hz. You should rush out and buy one right now!
Assuming you're running the full version of Squeezeserver and not just using the Touch's built-in server, try adjusting the Random Mix options to exclude genres like "sound effects" or "holiday" or whatever. I have Random Mix as the second option on my home screen, so it makes it really easy to either listen to full albums, or just play stuff randomly. More info here.
I think I'm gonna have to look into this. The first one looked interesting, but I never picked up (or even tried the demo). Might need to add a few of you guys to my list for some co-op play.
I'm assuming you also have a MCE remote somewhere that came with the HP IR receiver. If you do have one, then see if the power button on that will shut down/suspend your machine when it's running. If it works, then you should just be able to have your Harmony learn the power toggle command from that remote (for some reason, the power button from my MCE remote was the only thing my Harmony didn't have right in its database, so I had to manually teach the Harmony that...
One solution that I'm a fan of is buying these things called CDs. I can rip them to a lossless format of my choice (single-file FLAC + CUE is my preference), which I can then listen to on my Squeezeboxes and PC (where I can also convert them to whatever other format I want). A nice bonus with CDs is that I already have a full-quality backup that I can go back to in the event of data loss. Sure, they can be bulky, but a few bankers boxes stacked up in the corner of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by magicj1 No need, I will soon find out, I have just brought one If you're like nearly everyone else, you won't be disappointed. Enjoy!
It sounds like either your TV or your computer is overscanning the image. I'd start by checking the TV first. On Sharps, the viewing mode setting you're looking for is apparently labeled "Dot by Dot" (or something similar, it looks like you have a French model). Try that and see if it fixes anything.
Yep, same here.
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