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Boo! It's $20 for each (which still isn't bad). For a second I thought it was some insane deal where it was $20 for all three.
I need to keep an eye on this. I've been meaning to pick up a decent (not great) turntable again for a while now.
The original audio for the program is indeed 2-channel, but for whatever reason, PBS has been upconverting it to 5.1 for the US releases. I can almost guarantee it's a simple matrix upconversion rather than a full-on 5.1 mix. In which case, I'd much rather have the original 2.0.
Just a reminder that the Walking Dead Episode 1 is now available for free for the next week. The others will be on sale on Friday. Get and play through the first one now (takes 2-3 hours) to decide if you want to get the others when they're on sale.
Seeing as how this sale runs through January 5, I kind of doubt it. But then again, it is Steam/Valve, so you never know...
Ahhh, good to know. I only play TPA on my iPad and Android phone. I already have the Williams Collection for the 360, so didn't feel the need to double dip there.
Crave published the previous Pinball Hall of Fame collections that Farsight developed, but those are a separate product from the Pinball Arcade. From what I can tell, Crave has nothing to do with the Pinball Arcade. It looks like Farsight is publishing these themselves.
What exactly do mean by "but for its Prime members only"? The $14.99 price is available to anyone.
That's surprising. If that were true, I'd think someone would've mentioned it in the LotR EE thread.
Barnes and Noble is running their 50% off Criterion sale again. It goes through 11/19. Time to stock up on some goodies. And Amazon will most likely price match within the next few days.
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