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Well,well,well;I try to get a refund for my wife from my father in-law and you know what he said you used her for a while and now you want to returned," sorry for you but you have to keep her" . No returns!
More helpful if you go to "Display Devices " main forum page; look for lcd displays.
My HLN617W1/XAA will be 9 years old and that thing is like a good wine as older the better. I change the color wheel and bulb a couple of years ago, some recalibration and better than new. And the cool thing I do the repair and calibration myself. $$$$$$$$$$$$$.
Ashton act; somebody else write. Same penis that Charlie have in his mouth most of the time when he was there.
Life is full of sacrifices.
Chris Brown I think is his name; could not understand after what he did on the dressing room he still manage to show his nauseating persona on ABC what in the world there projecting. Looks like he love to hit women and what ever is around them. That's what sell TV this days obnoxious attitude.
ESPN; they don't care. They don't have any respect for any sport fans; less care about picture quality.
My HLN617W default was 224; I lower it to 214 because was the only way to eliminate color wash-out issue. After replaced the color wheel last year bring it back to 223, the colors are more vivid and natural with the new wheel at 223 than at 214. At this time for some reason no wash-out at 223.
A couple of weeks ago I was ready to pull the plug; Just call my service provider and complaint about this. They cut the price of my service in half for 1 year ; at that point I could not resist the invitation and keep the service. Oh and no contract.
Nothing its good any more about ESPN and a lot others. If there ESPN News what"s the purpose of all that crap on the screen. I hate sit in front of the Tv to watch for example a ball game to see all those graphics and some other thrash taking space on the screen. If this is pay tv ;why we have to pay for all that junk?
New Posts  All Forums: