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Kevin, I'm sure I speak for all fellow Vango owners when I say that we're all hoping this gets resolved as soon as possible for you.
trans_lux, You are welcome to come around my place and see both the DPI cine1000 LED and the HP 2.4 screen. Just shoot me a pm to schedule something. Shouldn't be much trouble since we are practically neighbors. blee0120 please check your pm.
Interesting. I always use the diffuser and measure off the lens since my screen is a High Power. Measuring black level isn't an issue for me since my projector (DLP) is rather poor in this regard. I'm sure whatever caused the odd behaivor will be fixed soon now that Tom is aware of it.
thrang, were you able to achive satifactory results with BT 1886 and autocal? I tried an autocalibration with CP 2.5 and had the same results with my gamma nosediving at 60%. Last night I tried again with the same terrible result. The previous version of CP 2.4.5 gave great results with BT 1886. No dynamic iris was used. Anybody else tried this combination yet?
kikkenit2 you are assuming and asking for too much. No review will ever be airtight complete for every possible setup. Kal already expained the how and why of his review to you. He has been reviewing audio equipment and doing a very good job of it for long time. And for the record I also run a stereo sub setup. I have for many years. In fact I run dual stereo subs, two on each channel.
Anybody? C'mon guys surely somebody can take 5 minutes and discover the answer to question #1.Help a brother out. Long ago, back in 1987 I owned Yamaha's original digital soundfield processor for home use the DSP-1.It was so primative that it required an add on master volume contol unit, the MVS-1.
Mark I have found the sharpness somewhat beneficial when used sparingly on SD cables channels. I also have the 2041 if you want to see it in person shoot me a pm or call me and we can set something up.
I am strongly considering the CX-A5000 to replace my current Lexicon MC12HD and would like to know if the CX-A5000 can do the following. 1) Reuse the video from a HDMI signal as the video for another input which will use audio that is not from this same HDMI signal? Example: Say input 1 is from the cable box and uses HDMI for both audio and video. Input 2 is from a cd/dvd player and uses HDMI for both audio and video but also can supply SPDIF or coaxial audio output from...
AVKIK see post # 15676 Nothing will come close to leadshot. http://www.avsforum.com/t/559431/paradigm-owners-thread/15660#post_18409160
What is the BG LED table for C6 meters?
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