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WIll keep my ATV until the next ATV comes out..
MY ZT65 is still king....and quiet!
Has there been a case where Blu ray is NOT better than the rest?
Folks, in your opinion, is the 4910 night and day above the 4810?
Lol, exactly...Hmm, let me hold off on that new BMW for now and get a projector. Yeah, wife wil be just fine with that... haha
My RS4810 with a 120" 2:35:1 screen is simply jaw dropping. Zooming is perfect. Bravo JVC
I was thinking About getting this but I'm pretty happy with my RS4810 I'll wait for true 4K to become common and I will upgrade then. Along with a bigger screen
Anyone knows a good calibrator in Bay Area?
Would painting the ceiling dark brown, about 5 feet in front of the screen help?
is there anyway I can make my 105 region free?
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