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3 hours is a long time to spend with characters you don't care about.
Real person, or the actors that played them? I heard Henry Hill on the Stern show, and he seems like a big douche. Sam Rothstein might be an interesting meet.
Henry Hill or Rothstein is infintely more likable than Jordan Belfort.
Nicely summarized :thumbup: Also does not help that there isn't a single character to root for.
Piranha 3D
Words lose meaning, people attach different definitions to a word. I see people refer to  "Third World" as in "Poor Country" without knowing the real meaning of the word. PC has become a catchall word for "Predictable" among others.
No one was funnier in our generation, truly a sad day 
Sorry, didn't mean to imply you were making it a big deal. But read the interview with the director, who said he wanted the ending "ambiguous". I suppose in this era, where everything has to be spelled out, this ending might qualify as "ambiguous" 
[[SPOILER]] I also agree with you on the ending; don't see what the big deal is.
Watched it last night, liked it a lot but did not love it. It felt a little long in the middle. Definitely Gyllenhaal's career best performance. Jackman was very convincing as tortured, grief-stricken, desperate parent, willing to go to Hell in order to rescue his daughter. Loved how everything tied together in the end without tipping off the audience. Perhaps too neatly for some apparently. I can't seem to post spoiler tags from the phone so I'll post later to address...
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