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It's obvious you aren't on the same page as I am.
With respect, in the frequencies we are talking about in the subwoofer realm, and the polar response of the box, the sound will wrap around those boxes just like the sealed boxes were there prior... this is not like mounting an acoustically small speaker in a baffle wall.Current through the voice coil is going to be less than with the sealed boxes, leading to less inductance variance with respect to the same output level ( not that the LMS has inductance issues, it's a...
Yes, winISD is a good start. One of the things that I caught was the huge impedance spike, 150 ohms. The suspension looks well behaved, no blips in the impedance, other than a small one at 900 hz, and again at 1800 hz or so. That is a free-air impedance curve, in a ported box you will have two peaks, instead of one. When impedance is high, current through the coil is low... so having nice large impedance peaks is good.
I don't have the time anymore to do much modelling, but that Faital appears to be a great driver for the job. You wouldn't attempt to run live sound with something like the SI sub at all.
So tell me, you think the difference is going to be made by taking one cabinet and stacking it on the other, they are basically in the same location, no? "I also believe the sealed subs would have shown better low end 'sensitivity' if they had been stacked in the corner as the ported system is, for obvious reasons." I also believe I will have another cup of coffee, and that the tooth fairy, santa and the fairy godmother is not...
170 volts at what frequency, and what alignment... we don't really have to go 'round on this subject again do we? Warpdrv bottomed 6x LMS-U's and dented the cones with Crest 8002's in dual opposed sealed boxes, after a suggestion was made that he could add in some eq down low, since he had 'ample headroom' and 'no one needs that much output'.Notyt also had bottoming... he built ported enclosures to gain headroom, and suddenly he can't measure accurately, and he's not your...
Even if they make noise, there is really no way to know if the drivers are good, unless you pull them out. If the suspension has sagged, they will need a recone. What are they worth... that depends on geographical location and a lot of other factors, as well as the general condition of the cabinets and drivers.
Here's the article entitled Monitors vs HiFi speakers. http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/Jul02/articles/monitors2.asp
Sound on Sound did an article on just this quite a while ago, I will see if I can dig it up.
Another picture of the coil... pretty ugly smell from the epoxy that cooked off it.
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