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Here's the article entitled Monitors vs HiFi speakers. http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/Jul02/articles/monitors2.asp
Sound on Sound did an article on just this quite a while ago, I will see if I can dig it up.
Another picture of the coil... pretty ugly smell from the epoxy that cooked off it.
They can get 'quite' hot inside with continuous high signal levels. I had a QSC PLXII 3602 at clipping levels into a 15" TC3000, ( titanium cone driver with aluminum former butted directly up to to the back of the cone, connected with a thermally conductive epoxy ) for several hours with music. I decided to check the temperature of the driver before shutting it off for the night, I just about burned my hand on the cone. The cone was alarmingly hot, as well as the surround,...
Forgot to mention, those are the more desirable 'singles' compared to the dual units which are more common, but a lot harder to lift, move and manoever.
They would be fine for supplying low end for a football field, they are the black glass version with aluminum trim, they are 'weatherized' compared to lacquered ply, but I would not want to subject them to rain either. They have an Eminence sourced driver made for Klipsch, designated K-43. If they were stored on their back with the mouth pointed upwards, the suspension will have sagged in one direction. In that picture they are stored the way they should be stored. More...
I would check with an electrician in your jurisdiction, they can advise you on what would be the best route to take based on the code. Edit: this is for the speaker load... you should be fine, I would size it for the distance from the amp to the load based on the loss in the cable.
Too much motor, too stiff a suspension to be an IB driver.
I bet they wouldn't like it if you broke their drivers....
Still here, just don't get on as often as I once did. I have a lot less free time available.
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