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Yes, I am sure, I have a pair of Ti cone LMS 5400's along with Ti cone PR's, a 15" TC3000 with a Ti cone, and a Ti 12" TC3000 top assembly. Also, I have a pair of 15" TC1000's. { aluminum cone } This is what the TI cone looks like, disregard the spec of dust on the clear, that's not a blemish.
Old early 5400's ( prototypes) were aluminum cones, then they went to titanium which was something like 22% thinner, but heavier as well as stronger. They said that there was a high cosmetic defect rate with the ti cones, along with the high cost. I suspect that helped the move back to aluminum in the newer versions.
NEO Dan looked into this, alas, it's all SMT mount caps and resistors, and they are located on the bottom side of the board. Unless you are a solder ninja, and work on that stuff daily ( and have nice tools ), I would suggest passing on modding the high pass filters.
Just so you know, the measurements are up at Data-Bass... Thanks Josh! http://www.data-bass.com/data?page=system&id=68&mset=73
None of my LMS 5400's have mechanical noise free air, are you sure it's not sound created by the pole vent being blocked, as the woofer sitting on a bench or a table?
Having been to Brainerd, MN years ago, for the Nationals, been to huge concerts with line arrays, and large sub systems that literally rip the air in and out of your lungs with every cycle, I still don't think there is anything close on earth that can come close to the fury of a Top Fuel Dragster / Funny Car. Possibly a pair of Danley's JH-90's in a small room with a couple of Rock Monsters? Even up in the nose bleed section, your eyes jiggle in your head, your chest...
Some other pointers..... don't try and cheap out and use hardware store garnet or flint sandpapers.... they won't work. Go to an autobody supply house, or something like a Pep Boys to get sandpapers that have are made for the purpose.
Body filler works fine on MDF, however if you haven't used it before, it may be to your advantage to check out a few videos on the use and application of filler. What I can tell you is to try to apply the minimal amount smoothly each time, not try to glob on a big blob and then try to sand it off. Mix on non-porous smooth surfaces, and mix only a small amount at a time. ( as much as you can apply in 3-5 minutes ) If you mix in too much hardener, the chemical...
What is the cone material, metal, plastic or paper? Keep in mind that many cones are painted, and as long as you use a product that's compatible, you should be OK. Some plastics may not like strong solvents! Try giving Polk a call, they may be able to help out selecting a product.
Image used without permission?!
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