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Hmmm well if you heard the static only from that one speaker with both the left and right channel inputs then it is probably not an artifact present on the recording. If you can connect another speaker to that wire run that will tell you whether it's a problem with the speaker or not.
Hello Dan,There aren't any plans to do a larger version of the Verus Surround at the moment.But as for speaker that can handle a larger range of frequencies, the Verus Grand Bookshelf can be wall or ceiling mounted and would probably be a better choice for a surround speaker that is not in a typical 5.1 or 7.1 configuration.
Hey everyone, The Verus Surround Dipole/Bipole speakers are finally back in stock and shipping now! Come and get them and thanks for your patience! http://www.aperionaudio.com/speakers/verus-home-theater-speakers/verus-surround-dipole-bipole-speaker
Ha, don't you know their are children Africa with no bass at all! In any event, I think for games you probably will want a sub since there are good amount of effects sounds in most games. Even the towers will not give you nearly as much bass as a subwoofer. As for the footprint, if you are wall mounting that's a draw back but if you will be going with stands the footprint really isn't that much smaller than a tower.The sub has it's own volume control so if it is too...
But you do get MultEQ XT32 in the 818 and 929.
Good to see some activity here again!The 809 has a good amount of power so I think you could definitely use the Verus Grands Bookshelves at a distance of 9 feet and get excellent results.I agree with Linda if you are using a sub there isn't a huge advantage to towers for mostly games/movies. However if you are in a really big room they can help fill the room. Even though you aren't very far from them at 9 feet in a bigger room you won't get as much reflected sound from...
Forgot to mention that if you are an iTunes user then AirPlay is a big check in the pro column for Denon.
Personally I think the overall quality of Denon and Onkyo is fairly comparable.The one thing I do like about Onkyo is that the GUI and manual are a little more intuitive in my opinion.
My rule of thumb is that if you are 10dB or more down from the top of the dial you shouldn't have to worry about overheating the amp. YMMV.
The 626 has MultiEQ but the 616 does not.If you get one of last year's models you need to go to the 818 to avoid getting Audyssey 2EQ.
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