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I broke a woofer in one of my RC-10 this weekend. I was playing some Michael Jackson Thriller pretty loud.. Then I played Steve Miller Band, the intro to Fly like an Eagle and the wind sounds was making a terrible noise from the left channel. Like a shrill horrible vibration. I noticed the same vibration in Jethro Tull's Bouree during the bass only part in the middle of the song. Swapped channels and the right speaker sounded fine. Swapped woofers and the sound followed...
These RC-10 were the only pair they had. Sound Exchange is a dealer for Monitor Audio, Paradigm, and Mordaunt Short..... In fact I almost chose a similar pair of Mordaunt Shorts instead of the RC-10...
Went to the Sound Exchange in Somerville NJ after work today and purchased a pair of Energy RC-10. Kind of an impulse buy.. They sound great! http://flic.kr/s/aHsjJspgKk
Paradigm DSP-3100 subwoofer 10" http://paradigm.com/products/type=subwoofer/model=dsp-3100/page=overview Local pickup in NJ 08846
Bump. Uploaded more pictures.
Thank you for the reply. EndsShadow also.Up front and bright is kind of what I am trying to avoid. I have tried Monitor Audio Bookshelves BR2 and tower BX5 and think they are very much up front. In my small room they can be a bit much playing music that gets busy and loud. This is not to say I don't think they are great, they are but I'm looking for something a bit more like how you describe the LSiM line. Warmer and relaxed.Great information. Thank you!
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Sent from my Windows Phone 8X by HTC using Tapatalk
I had the M22 years ago but I remember that I thought the tweeters in both the M22 and M3 were very harsh sounding.I like all types of music but lots of my listening is heaver stuff with crashing cymbals and screaming guitars. I found the axiom speakers to be hard to listen too at loud volumes. Also the M22 did not blend well with my sub at the time. I replaced the M22 with the Monitor Audio BR2 and I liked the BR2 much more.Thanks for the reply I'll read more about the...
Thank you all for the replies. The Arx look interesting... I was playing with a pair of Polk R20 last night and I liked the sound and power handling but found the bass to be a bit "muddy" I guess.. I realize these are inexpensive speakers. Now I'm wondering if I'd like a higher quality pair of Polks...
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