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That will be painful to watch movies......I stream at 6MB/s .....I start the movie then pause to let it buffer for 5 to 10 min then watch. You will have to let it buffer for quite sometime to prevent pausing.
Set it and forget it.....do not change modes.
02 means it was manufactured the 2nd wk of Jan 2013....it should have the firmware 1.1.5 on it....if not it will soon update to the firmware which corrects the lip sync issues. I would stick with the Vizio.
I would start using the TV now. You have 90 days to take it back.....if you wanted to you can leave the TV on 24/7 and you will reach your 500 hours in less than 1 month.
I would just call Vizio directly since serial is 46 and your SAMs does not have any new serials.
Gene I tried your settings as a possible backup but they were lacking something for me. The picture was darker and not very crisp on a 1080i signal. I also felt the colors did not pop on the screen as they did with my settings found on page 43. I always like to try and tweak additional settings but I think I have my set dialed in perfectly.
No problem.....my guess is the sets inside those 11 serials have not reached 500 hours or a few months of ownership.
Should be 2 years on ANY BSOD. but could be only the 38-48 range. The question that I have is the "specific issue" which is BSOD....but what if something else happens that is NOT BSOD? Is that still covered?
FInally VIZIO wakes up and admits a recall for defective supplier components......this is very consistent with my tracking thread and failure within 60 to 90 days. Out of the 11 serial numbers 38-48 reported by VZIO there were only 4 not reported with BSOD's in the tracking thread. Now they are saying 500 hours which is difficult to track. It's time to take this back to Costco and swap it out for a model manufactured in 2013. So far this 46 has been perfect and there...
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