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I am going to have to wait to do that one. I had to order a new one because it was destroyed by the kids. Just to much use. It is on it's way and we'll be here later in the week. I was able to calibrate them using the buttons on the unit. I will experiment with that when it arrives this week.
Hey guys quick set up question. I ask because it"s a Klipsch speaker. I am having an issue with my center being a little too bassy. Over on the audio set up forum it was mentioned that speakers in enclosures will do that a lot. Mine happens to be in an enclosure. I have a C-2 Synergy. When I had my old box tv it sat on top of it and it sounded great. Is this speaker supposed to be placed on top of the tv? It would explain my struggles as of late. I have an LCD on the same...
I am having the same issue as the OP. So the first thing I should try is moving the center channel above the tv? Does the type of speaker determine if it should be on top or is it a general rule? Thanks.
What am I looking for? Are there other threads on what to do?
I have the synergy line F2 towers with a C2 center. Well one of my towers is crapping out. I think my daughter got juice or milk into them somehow. Now I know the F2 is discontinued. I am afraid of buying something off Craigslist or Ebay that I can't sample and it's not the right time to redo the home theater. I have seen on klipsch's page that the synergy line has an F20. The specs are very similar to the old F2. IS this the new line and can I replace my old F2...
Been a member for a while, but I don't post much. I need a little help. I have an old Yamaha HTR 5840 receiver. Since it's not the time to upgrade I kept the receiver when I moved. I lost the receiver a while back, but was able to manage. Well now I need to change settings to fit the new room. Can I access my receiver's menu from the receiver itself, or do I need to order a new remote or buy a higher end universal to access it? I am having trouble if its even...
Thanks for the info Lee. I have a PS3 so I was hoping to avoid buying a 3d player. So now I have decisions to make. I might just buy a new receiver and send the old one to my room. The wife might not like surround in our room but when have I ever listened?
In regards to myth 17. If HDMI 1.3 can carry 3d can I still use my current receiver without having any trouble? Will the receiver allow the 3d image to pass through so I can also benefit from the audio or will I need a new receiver for this? Really not looking to upgrade my receiver if I do upgrade my tv soon.
So you can not connect the Cable/DSL modem directly into the ethernet port of the 550? I only have 1 computer at home so I don't have a router. My son was mentioning this, but I didn't understand why. Man I just felt really old all of a sudden. So I am going to have to get a router if I want BD Live? I just wanted to get a look at the new BD Live footage of Transformers.
Yeha the system is calibrated. I bought the Avia disk shortly after moving in here, and still nothing. It is frustrating. How much can the room effect it because this room is considerably smaller than at my previous home. I am stuck here til the end of the year.
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