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Can someone tell me how to access the "advanced picture settings" on my E7000? I can't find it for some reason. Thanks in advance..
Ah...I thought that might be it. But I already bought HDMI cords with ferrite cores from Monoprice. Thanks...
Anyone with an Pn60E7000..Just received mine. Can anyone tell me what these 3 heavy metallic cylindrical things are in the bag that the remote and power cord comes in? Thanks!
Sidetracked...Thanks very much for the detailed explanation!
Pardon my ignorance...but I'm gonna ask a real dumb newbie question. I'm beginning to see that upscaling and video processing are two different things. But seemingly they both affect the PQ. Can anyone explain in layman's terms how each affects the PQ? My interest in the Oppo was based on 3 things. 1) improving the PQ of my SD-DVDs..( I'm told my Toshiba X-A2 is probably superior to the 103 in upscaling, but I have no idea at this point if the Oppo would otherwise improve...
I have Comcast as well. And I think their best resolution is 720p or 1080i. Forgive my ignorance (there's a lot of this tech stuff I don't fully understand)..but doesn't the Samsung "smart tv" receive the streaming direct to the E7000 (via ethernet {whatever that is}? Or does it have to pass through the Comcast box on the way? If someone could explain the process/options..I'd appreciate it.
So the PQ was fine (?)...but dare I ask why you returned the E7000?
Can anyone comment on the PQ of Netflix streaming on the E7000 please? Thanks in advance.
Great info Slimoli..One of the other things I thought the 103 would be useful for was putting my Comcast cable box through the 103 to take advantage of the "video processing" the 103 ostensibly offers. I read about it somewhere here on the forum...can't find it now. What'd be your opinion on that?
Thanks for the comments guys. yeah...I was one of those idiots that bought into the HD-DVD tech back then. I actually have the Toshiba HD-A3 because I heard it was even better at upscaling. I couldn't see a difference b/w it and the X-A2 on my Samsung DLP. But you mentioned the Reon chip..wouldn't the Martell Kyoto-G2H video processor with the latest generation Qdeo™ technology on the Oppo be even better at upscaling given that it's a newer technology? One of the reasons...
New Posts  All Forums: