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Greenpoison worked for me.
Oh snap!
I think you are out of luck on this one.
Better codec support for streaming media. FFW and REW working well when streaming movies. Linux support. I want XBMC !!
Noted this on my blog for users to see. Thx.
Buggy how so?
They haven't worked the kinks out with menus yet with streaming. So you might want to rule that out.
Quote: Originally Posted by c_hernandez32 I always strip the excess audio and subtitles and just output as mkv again. I choose to strip out subs and alt audio because I wanted the simplest way to stream the video. As long as mkv2vob decodes and muxes correctly, I have never had any problems playing the video. I just use the built in sharing found inside WMP11. On programs other than WMP11, you can specify what audio language you want directly...
Quote: Originally Posted by newfmp3 I think there is something going on with either mkv2vob or the new ps3 firmware. I have been a constant user of mkv2vob for 2+ years now with no issues. All of a sudden, random files will not play files converted with mkv2vob. MKV2VOB has kind of become irrelevant to streaming with the use of PS3mediaserver. So I have not done much testing with the newer firmwares.
Try PS3mediaserver and see if that resolves your streaming issues.
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