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Not sure how you concluded that. I have a similar Y cable that is a stereo splitter (one stereo to 2 stereo outputs), which should then be able to connect two IR emitters in parallel.
So much for that No doubt. I am not saying it is the same thing... just using that as a "business model" comparison.
I beg to differ. I think going to a subscription model will be the death of the product. $50 is a rather hefty charge for the app (as far as iPhone and iPad apps go), and should be a good business model. Their competition (Re from New Kinetix) has a one-time $70 charge, for which they ship you an Infrared adapter for the iPhone/iPad, and do not require a base station. I doubt there is room to squeeze out more per customer. Also, iRule re-sells the base stations, for which...
Sheesh, some people! Always trying to bring the thread back on topic! I was wondering, does it actually help to get the settings from another projector? I thought the calibration was to take care of individual sample difference from projector to projector, and anything that is generic is already set by Epson. But maybe I am wrong.
Yeah, my drop-ship from Epson via FedEx was left on the porch, and the FedEx guy didn't even bother to ring the bell! Just randomly found it on the porch later in the day. FedEx is very sloppy.
I expect so. Mine shipped out from the Epson warehouse in Indiana to California FedEx ground. So, this means that I will get it this week on Thursday. I expect others will get it earlier this week as well. I am expecting good calibration tips ;-)
This is fascinating (must have missed the previous post). Do you have some theory behind this, or was a trial-and-error thing? How did you determine that those were the 2 filters that were needed for the 7500UB? Also, which B+W filter did you use?
And that was just an estimate. No one has confirmed that anything left the Epson warehouse yet, afaik.
And, the link location for the 8500UB user guide is: http://files.support.epson.com/pdf/plhc81/plhc81ug.pdf And the main product info page is: http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/c...egory=Products
Me too. Talked to Jason this morning (thanks, Jason!) but the tax thing in California was the deal breaker. Sarah at PP took good care of me though, and I now I eagerly await the unit!
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