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Yeah...because the new models came out :PHow is it buggy? My current router (WRT160N) is buggy in that it isn't connected all the time...I have to reset the thing at least 2 times a week.
Streaming from a HDD only. The PS3 is connected to the home theater system so no need to stream blu-rays.Hmmm. 2 for the netgear. Was expecting some love for the ASUS since it has been on slickdeals a lot lately.Thanks to both of you for this.
I am not the best at networking and I want to make sure I am getting the best bang for my buck. Couple known items: 1.) I do NOT need AC as I have no AC device and no need in the future to upgrade any wireless cards to AC 2.) I want to connect an external HDD for easy access and streaming through CPU's, XBox and PS3 3.) I live in a split level home that is 1700 sq/ft so range is important to me 4.) I would be using basic setup for the router to have NAT open, port...
It is actually the HTR-3065. Just unpackaged mine and that is the manual and model number that comes with the 397.
Ordered the Yamaha setup. Thanks for the advise from y'all. I was really pushing for the Onkyo, but the reviews and larger speakers, and the receiver being dead at Fry's threw me.
I have read about every review there is on both of these systems...I have tried to test drive both systems, but the Onkyo Receiver was not working at my local Frys...the Yamaha sub seemed...meh compared to the potential that is the MASSIVE Onkyo down firing sub... I would buy the Onkyo in a HEART beat, but all the negative reviews around the sub, and even sometimes the receiver have me a bit worried because you would have to pay for shipping back to Onkyo to have them...
Also...No need for any players (Have a PS3). I want a receiver and speakers...not a player and speakers.
Ok...so I have about $450 to play around with from amazon, so that is my limit. (Have new house and many other bills to pay...have amazon cash so obviously can't pay bills with it...so HT here I come :P) The room: 16.5" x 14'10.5" The dilema: There is no pre-existing wiring for surround in the house, and it is a downstairs room, so wiring wires into the ceiling is neigh impossible. Therefore...I would prefer to have wireless rear speakers. The front and sub can...
WHOA!!! Just stuck a blu ray into my player to rip it and DAYUM!!!! 60GB for full disc and 30 GB for Movie only! Looks like I will have to keep those around for some time. Thanks for all the help on other aspects!
Thank you Tesla for ALL your help! Time to get to ripping my massive collection.
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