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Seems like the links are broken in 1st post. Was looking for info on the External Player. I'm sure I can find the info needed but just wanted to let OP know.
I have small issue with my 65"vt50. I was just watching Platoon Blu ray and about 30mins til the end the screen lost it's HD signal from the PS3 and seemed like to zoom the pic and turned the color to a purple tint this lasted for 5-10 secs and went back to normal it did it again last 5 mins. I've had this happen 2 other times over the last 6 months since getting the TV but the other times it happen in the credits. Just for the record it has not happened on my Kuro with...
The Chenbro SAS expander does not eat up a PCIe slot for power it needs a Molex connector to power the card. It can be installed in a PCIe or PCI slot to hold it in place but does not use any power from it at all. This is the reason I went with it originally since I can install it in the PCI slot or anywhere I want and not worry. It only has the the one In for the HBA though but I feel it didn't matter to me since I was going to use FlexRaid. The good thing with not...
@Mfusick Awesome. This is how I figured it should work since it's not suppose to be striped like HW Raid. I figured D: Movies - Has 15GB free E: Movies - Has 20GB free F: Movies - Has 25GB free G: Movies - Has 500GB free If I copied a movie into say D: Movies (file size lets say 22GB) it would go to any drive that has 22GB free so either F: or G: but would copy the whole 22GB to only 1 drive not split it up between D: 15GB and the rest of the 7GB say on E:
Thanks ... Not what I was looking for but might give it a shot.
It's been a while since I used FlexRaid never used the Drive Pooling but going to start using it again. I take it if you have a MKV or ISO file it will put that whole file on 1 drive, now what about DVD/BD folders it could split up that folder onto 2+ drives? I'm not so worried about what drives they go on anymore just rather have the whole Folder go on 1 disk that way only that 1 disk would be spinning.
99% only the Magnolia stores will have them in stock which might be only 1 or atleast have a Display model. But does not mean you can't go to a store without a Magnolia to get one. If your lucky you might have a BB warehouse close by not sure what States have them. If your going for the 65" I would just get it delivered that box is huge. I don't even know if it would fit in a full size SUV/Minivan since it's rather tall and long for sure a Cargo Van/Pickup with some...
Downers Grove on 75th did it for me on BF. I went to that one since that's where I bought my last few TV's cheaper Taxes and they have a Magnolia Home Theater. Plus the BB warehouse is down the road 5 miles or so. I phoned in the deal instead of going in seemed to work better since I had trouble at the same store for a new AVR I called the Butterfield store and they matched a price no problem.
Where do you find your local store emails ?*** NM I found it seems like some stores have emails listed.
I got mine at a Magnolia same store I got my Kuro from. I have 3 BB closer to take one but none are Magnolia plus that on has cheaper taxes only 7.25% compare to 8.75% and 10.xx %. Other reason was that store is only 5 mins from the Best Buy warehouse and no store's had any in stock.
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