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Dammit! I'm seeing this in Santa Barbara as well. AMC is showing as AMCHD on my TiVo, but is showing up as AMCPHD online: http://ww2.cox.com/myconnection/santabarbara/watch/entertainment/tv-listings.cox Everything is off by three hours on most of the national channels, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, TBS, TNT, AMC! I now have to wait an extra three hours for BB tonight as well as manually record it! GRRRRR
I recently got the bump from 25mbps to 30mbps, very cool Not sure when I got it though, I just recently noticed it while downloading some Linux torrents.
Wow... that's devastating to not only current Boxee Box owners, but for future products. I'd say goodbye to ANY help from Intel to resolve the HD audio bug.
The Blu-Ray ISO code that XBMC uses came from Boxee, so it works more or less identically. If by "native BD playback" you mean no menus, then you are right, but XBMC can absolutely play BD-ISO natively.
Just got the CS2 to compliment my Monitor 40 fronts, RC80i rears and BIC F12 sub. Does anyone have some guidance as to a shelf I can place on my TV to set the CS2 on top of? I looked at the OmniMount CCH1B Center Channel Speaker Shelf, but it's right at the max load rating and I don't want to risk it. Ideally, I'd like to place it underneath my TV, but it's a 60" DLP that sits inside a custom entertainment center, there's no shelf space under it so I'd have to fabricate a...
Install ImgBurn and try this batch script I wrote:32-bit: Code: @echo offset PathToImgBurn="C:\\Program Files\\ImgBurn\\ImgBurn.exe"for /D %%i in ("*") do (%PathToImgBurn% /MODE ISOBUILD /BUILDMODE IMAGEFILE /FILESYSTEM "ISO9660 + UDF 1.02" /SRC "%%~i" /DEST "%%~i.iso" /start /NOIMAGEDETAILS /close /VOLUMELABEL "%%~i") 64-bit: Code: @echo offset PathToImgBurn="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\ImgBurn\\ImgBurn.exe"for /D %%i in ("*") do (%PathToImgBurn% /MODE ISOBUILD /BUILDMODE...
Best Buy has refurbed Boxee Boxes for $130 shipped: http://*******/ohE8gu
Hardware is identical (more or less), but it comes with an integrated IR receiver, a front USB port and a power button on the front of the case. But yes, any issues inherent to the Boxee software/Intel firmware combo would be present here...
http://www.zatznotfunny.com/2011-09/...pe-next-month/ The launch is closer than we thought, apparently.
Wow... Woot is where products go to die... you couple this with the fact that Viewsonic is backing away from the integrated TV with Boxee product and you're left with a bad feeling.
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