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So this is supposed to be an improvement? You've got to be kidding! Hard to read, hard to navigate, dead slow, and visually anemic. Please go back to the old forum.
CAVX is right. Once you have experienced scope films on a 2.35 screen in the home there is no going back to 16:9. The method that you use depends a lot on your particular projector and room/screen geometry. All the methods will give superb results with todays 1080p projectors and Blu ray source material.
No you certainly do not have to have an A-lens. Here are the options for a 2.35 CIH set up in order of increasing cost: 1. Manual zoom and electronic vertical shift. Zero additional cost. And no big deal. I manually zoomed and shifted my Panny 700 for 7 years, and it took less than 30 seconds. Of course you have to be able to reach the projector, so you need to shelf mount. 2. Projector with lens memory for instant remote zooming, vertical positioning, and...
Hi Rich, I don't know anyone else on this forum who will give a more impartial assessment of zooming versus lens than you. I will be eagerly following this thread to see what conclusions you come to.
This sad story highlights the fact that you should always totally unplug your projector from the mains when not in use, and never ever operate it in a thunderstorm! Just switching the projector off will not protect it from lightning - it has to be unplugged from the wall.
[quote=DrNegative;21965850]Granted it was about 10 years ago, but TI did sponsor an independent 3rd party (Munsell Color Science Laboratory) to do a test of reliability and longevity. I believe it caused a stir at the time and Epson responded harshly to it, calling it an unrealistic study. Keep in mind it was a long time ago, both techs have evolved quite a bit since then. QUOTE] As I recall, this was a totally unrealistic test with TI hammering the LCD panels non-stop...
To my knowledge, no one has ever done a controlled test between LCD and DLP projectors with an impartial group of people to really arrive at any meaningful conclusions of comparative PQ. People who have spent their hard earned money on single chip DLP projectors will naturally turn a blind eye (no pun intended) to the RBE issues.
3-chip DLP's still cost $10,000+. If you dont want any RBE your only choice is a 3 LCD projector. And yes, LCD projectors have also come a long way in the past 5 years, so don't believe all the LCD negativity from DLP owners. LCD projectors can deliver stunning looking images.
Not that different. The end result is the same - to produce an electronic motion picture. Sure one is analog and one is digital, but who can argue that LCD and DLP based televisions and projectors are not in the same league, reliability wise, with the old CRT technology.
Well said. I think a newcomer reading through the AVS Forum would conclude that all projectors are inherently unreliable compared with say a CRT television. And that is probably true. My Sony Wega 36 ins Trinitron CRT TV is now 15 years old and performing as good as the day I purchased it. Find me a projector that can even come close to that!
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