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+2. . Those speakers need to go. Ugly as hell! I tell you what.. I have some Def Techs. Beautiful speakers. Very black and glossy. I'll do a even exchange with you..
Any thoughts these Crown amps? http://www.crownaudio.com/usa/amplifiers/xli-series.html My DJ friend says these are good too for 4 ohm speakers. And it has RCA inputs too since my AVR doesn't have XLR outs. I don't know.. I just wanna experiment with a pro amp. I did have a Parasound Halo A31 before running to my mains. But sold it after 2 months because I didn't hear any difference with my Elite sc-09tx receiver. And never tried a pro amp. So after I get my speakers, I...
Honolulu.. I love Kona though. I have a time share in the big island at the Hilton Waikaloa. I go there every year during winter.
My brothers.. If any of you come to Hawaii for a vacation. Hit me up for a demo so you know what I'm talking about. Funny thing too is, I ran duals for a month after I discovered the crack in my ceiling. And just running dual was already crazy. Then when I went back to quads it just feels like it just added more weight to the ULF rather then dbs. In the end, these S2's? Are just BADASS! But, dangerous.. Lol
Only 3 hot. And running a very mild house curve through the antimode 2.0.
Lol.. Nice one! You know forgot to mention. If I'm just listening at normal levels like around -17 to -20. I feel fine. Watching at -12 down to -9 is not normal for me.. I don't know how most people can watch movies at those levels. Feels like a roller coaster ride. Lol. It sounds baddass though. But I can't wait till I change out all my speakers to JTR's. Axpona 2014 is coming up soon. I really can't wait..
My subs are spread out through out the room. I have 1 on each side of the left and right wall. And 2 at the rear wall about 1/4 in each way from the corners. I have a very even response that way. I'll try post my latest graph later on today after work. And this time it was only me watching the movie by my self in the HT room. Wife and kids was doing other things in the house. Man, I don't know maybe I'm getting old bro.. Lol.. The bass feels heavy like on these subs. I...
So I got that nauseated feeling again. Watched Tron legacy at -12. Got it real bad the last scene (air battle). Felt like puking. Now the pressure sometimes in my ear.. I don't know.. When there's heavy bass scene feels like my ears want to pop. Kind of like when your taking off on the air plane. You get that pressure feeling in your ear. Well something like that. Then worse one of my recess lights housing fell down. No problem though. Just pop it back in. But had to go to...
Jeff will be at the Axpona this month. And the 215's will be there. And possibly the 210's according to him. Can't wait!
Thanks N8.. I'll check it out..
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