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n/m - I figured it out.
Quick question! How exactly do you switch between the different Dynamic volume modes? Can you do it on the fly? I'm watching a movie and the sound is awesome, but the base is way too loud for my apartment, compared to the dialogue. I set up the system using Batpig's instructions a couple months ago, but haven't watched many Blu-Ray's yet. I saw a post saying to go to the "Parameter" menu, but I'm not sure how to get there... please help.
+ 1 Mine is going back tonight. Even sitting out in the open, mine would kick into high gear during the previews, before the movie even started, and stay there throughout the entire movie. It's not even close to being acceptable. (Mine is also the 90nm 80gb + MGS4 model.)
Wow! Thanks for all the great - and fast - replies to my fan noise concerns. I love this place. This one is definitely going back to Amazon. I just need to decide what to replace it with! I don't game at all, and although my gf has in the past, I don't really think she would miss it now. The only game she has expressed interest in is Final Fantasy 13, which I don't believe will be out until next year, right? I'm leaning towards a standalone player to better suit...
Just received my new PS3 a few days ago, but the gf and I seem to agree that it needs to go back because the fan noise is just RIDICULOUSLY LOUD. I had done plenty of research here and thought I was making an informed decision, but I am not happy with this machine. Not sure if this is possibly a defective unit, but if not, I really can't understand how this fan noise could be acceptable to anyone? I bought the 80gb PS3 with the MGS4 bundle, which I understand has a...
Didn't look like you got an answer to this on the last page..? From what I understand, if you want to get TrueHD sound out of your BD30 you will need to do two things: (1) purchase a new receiver that decodes TrueHD, and (2) hook the BD30 to the new receiver using HDMI - you cannot get TrueHD via the optical cable. Hope that helps - Happy Shopping!
Which Panny BD player do you have? According to the chart here: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1050507 ...the BD10 will only send TrueHD as PCM, the BD30 will only send TrueHD as bitstream, and the BD50 can send TrueHD either way. If you can send TrueHD as PCM to the receiver then I think you should be fine with the Onkyo.
Another difference I see when looking at the Denon website "Compare" is this: Speaker Time-Delay and Level Controls: L/R, Sub, C, Surr. L/R, Surround Back For the 2309 this is checked, but for the 1909 it is not. This would indicate that if you want to be able to adjust these things manually (vs. letting Audyssey do it all), you would need the 2309. Can anyone confirm whether this is correct or not?
I'm sure this has been asked before, but does the PS3 send audio simultaneously via HDMI and the optical out? I'd like to have sound available for either the TV (HDMI) or my AVR (OPT) without changing any settings. So if I set the PS3 to bitstream output so I can get 5.1 via the optical connection to my AVR, do I still get sound out of the HDMI connection to the TV? I'm not overly concerned with the new audio formats for now, as long long as I can get stereo out of the...
Also, for anyone interested in the VESA mounting hole spacing for the 50PZ800U, I posted this yesterday in the 850 thread (somebody had asked there, and I was unpacking my TV at the time.)
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