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Noticed tonight on my Directv guide that Tulsa ABC, CBS, and NBC are listed. Tried to tune them but got the blacked out message, haven't been on the other forums yet, but curious if anyone has any info on it!
Noticed a couple of days ago KHOG is now being carried on Directv with KHBS. Guide says it's HD, but is a SD feed it looks like.
I haven't noticed it at all today, this is the first I have been able to watch anything on 40/29 since last weekend but it looks much improved! thanks!
Terrible picture quality on 40/29 today for OSU-Texas, lots of blurriness the entire game. Edit to add watching on Directv.
Still no HD for the SEC game of the week???
Thanks 40/29! I thought last weekend the ABC game seemed to be up to speed vs. tape delayed, so that will be nice to have all season.
40/29- is the SEC game of the week in HD this year? I know it's the first week and I don't plan on watching much of this one but wasn't sure if it would be blurry-vision this year or HD. There were some audio issues to start with, so I am also not sure if they have issues on their end with the HD signal...
I have 34-1 and -2 working on my Vizio now as well. The sound was missing last night when I checked, but came on at 10:30...
My Vizio has been unable to lock on to 34-1 at all, but my directv hd dvr has had no issue with 34-1, but isn't aware 34-2 exists at this point. I haven't tried it tonight yet as I just got home, but will test it again.
I've got the same thing on 34 thru directv, and receive no signal on 34-1 at this time. Anyone else seeing it?
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