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Not trying to ressurect an old thread, but thanks to the individuals on here I was able to creat my own. I am only showing the Halloween poster. I ran out of staples, so the Star Wars poster will have to wait until tonight to finish.
It was good to see you yesterday Merrel!! Take care of yourself!!!
NO! I owned that sub for a couple of months and experimented with it. I did try the plug the sub and it just didn't work out. It sounded way better the way it was designed to. BTW, I gave up the fight and just bought a better sub.
In Colorado that could be tomorrow!!!! Better hurry!!!
Still on your boat and not dissagreeing with you. My wife is out of the country right now and doesn't know that I have it. But then again, I am lucky that this is in my basement media room. It is "dedicated" to home entertainment. I think my next project will be to make a grill for it. I have a feeling that if a grill is offered or standard, the price will increase.
I DO have to agree with you on this one. It would be much more appealing if it had a grill. But I gotta tell you, its fun to watch in action on those low notes!
Yes Sir!!
So I finally watched Wrath of the Titans this past weekend due to it being on the Master List of Bass in Movies thread!! Lets just say that with even just one Rumba 12, I now have the task of finding a couple of more rattle in my media room!! Holy smokes this little subs is nothing short of awesome for its price range!!! I wathed this at -10db on my Denon RX and WOW!!!! It is making me question if I really need two!!! Nah!!! I will be getting another one for...
hmmmm, wonder who would have done that!!!! Seriously, though. I have tried multiple places with this sub and I now currently have it set dead center (of the listening position, not the room) under my center channel and it sounds GREAT!! I have the gain at 12 o'clock and Audessey at -2db. Placement is everything! I can't wait to get my second one!!! This ONE already shakes my hand railing on my basement steps. It sounds like a jack hammer!! Yep, need to fix...
New Posts  All Forums: