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Listed on Ebay
I have 100% feedback on Ebay. Look up d_lechner.
Progressive Labs CA-6X Tristimulus colorimeter, includes original software disk, diffuser, blue filter and tripod adaptor. Only used to calibrate my Panasonic Plasmas. I don't have a use for it anymore. My loss is your gain!!!! Progressive Labs Software v.3.3.4 Thanks for looking! Dave
If I remember correctly, this is the CA-6x meter.
I have this Chroma 5 and software that I bought a couple of years back. I don't use it and thought that it would be better served with someone else. Is it worth it to sell? If so, I will post it in one of the for sale areas. Also, what do you think it is worth?
Any way you can share? And how to install it?
Thank you sir! I will do that tonight!
Good to know. Glad I didn't try it. The only issue I have so far is that Roomie won't turn my Denon 3808 "ON" when it is powered off. I have just finished my basement and rack so I haven't spent a lot of time on it. Will shortly. So far, its fun to play with.
Did you try this? I am curious as well.
I have watched Toy Story 3 with my Panny BD player and was VERY impressed. PQ was the best of any streaming that I have tried. Not to mention the 5.1 audio. I have only watched one movie, but I give it a thumbs up!!
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