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Well, I have had the boards replaced with the new boards! What a joke! They basically just put epoxy around certain coils to prevent the buzzing from happening! I have pics, but not right now. I will post them in a new thread. So with that said, my set STILL buzzes. It might even be worse. I can hear it through the screen! AND behind. I called Panasonic and they said that the technician didn't order the new wire harness with the new SS and SC boards. They want...
I too will have a Panny Rep out here tomorrow to fix buzz with the new boards. I will be glad to let everyone know of my findings as well.
Thanks, I will give that a shot tonight.
I have updated specs in post #4. The ones in the first post were using the WT3. Yeah, I wasn't sure what to put in the SPL column of the software. Good to know that I was WAY off! Thanks for the heads up. D Here is the comparison from the rated specs to the measured: Fs 29.0202 f(s): 34.32Hz Fs Added Mass 25.5335 Fs Known Vol 0.0000 Added Mass 50.0000 Known Vol 0.0000 Diameter 207.8000 ZMax 37.4800 Z(max): 25.64 Ohms ZMax...
It's listed: Diameter 207.8000 or 8.18". Right? These are the specs from Danny Richie. He worked with the guys at AV123 and designed a lot of their speakers. I think that the specs are correct. He told me at the RMAF that Mark sent those specs to him. The ones listed in the first post were the measured using a WT3. Not sure which is more accurate.
Could someone help me with the T/S parameters just above? I entered them into WinIsd and I keep getting errors. I am assuming that I am converting the numbers incorrectly. Yup, I am a newb! Thanks in advance!!
Danny from GR Research helped with some specs on this sub. Does this make a difference? Could someone help model this one? I will try when I get home, if my program will work. MANUFACTURER AV123 MODEL 10 inch DATE 12-20-06 Fs 29.0202 Fs Added Mass 25.5335 Fs Known Vol 0.0000 Added Mass 50.0000 Known Vol 0.0000 Diameter 207.8000 ZMax 37.4800 ZMax Added Mass 33.7682 ZMax Known Vol ...
Any reason not to use a 5" port? Looks like the same as using x2 3.5" ports. Might be easier to find a 5" rather than a 3.5".
Ok, thanks. I opened the rear port chart and it doesn't make much sense. I will need to find a tutorial and read it.
Where is that in WinISD. Sorry for all the questions. I would like to make sure that I pay attention to that as I am working this. I am a newb when it comes to calculating the correct volume/ports for subs. I appreciate all your help!
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