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Hi guys. I too purchased the upgrade and so far so good. Surround effects and low output out of the sub is much better at lower volumes. I still perfer it off at -10 and above though. Audessey did set my left front at -3.0 and my right front at -1.5db. The center was definately pulled to the right. I simply changed the left to -1.5 and everything is awesome now!!!! I have an issue with the on-screen GUI that shows the the D-EQ and D-Volume on/off during tv...
Cool, I will be at CEDIA on Sunday. October for $100!! SOLD!
First post in this thread! Please don't kill me if this has been asked. I did a search and it didn't come up with much. When will Dynamic EQ be available either through an update or to purchase for the 3808? I want to get the full potential of Audessey correction without having to turn it up to 0db and pissing off neighbors and loosing my hearing. Thanks in advance!! Dave
So Denon DID release the Dynamic EQ for their units? Is this something that we can purches? Or is it only part of the Pro versioni of the MultEq? I started looking through the 3808 thread but it is tough to find in the 300+ pages. So I guess the question is, what, where, when will Dynamic Eq be released to the public for the 3808?
Thanks Chris, thats what I thought. Now just need to figure out when the Dynamic EQ will be made available to the Denon 3808. This is a GREAT thread BTW!!!!!!
Wow, this may be my first or second post even after reading this thread for years!!!! My question is regarding "reference level" with Audessey. I have the 3808 and at what level am I achieving the reference according to Audessey and Denon? 0db? I know that I can barely get above -10db without pissing someone off in my neighborhood! Thanks in advance!!! Dave
Yup, it helps with the bass response when moving speakers closer to the walls. This also helped with the transistion of the sub/mains for the system. I have mine as close to the walls as possile. This helped get them out and back and helped (in my system) tremendously with the soundstage!
I too have the Mythos Ones and ran into the same issues. After Audyssey, I got a 100Hz point for the mains. I recently moved them closer to the walls (to get them out of the way) and spread them out about 2ft more. I re-ran audyssey and now I have a crossover point of 80Hz and it sounds WAY better. Not saying it sounds better due to the lower crossover point, just that I was more precise on the measuresments and MIC placement. Gents, this makes a HUGE difference when...
Did you turn on the main power button next to the on/stanby button. I had the same problem at first!
Thank you Sir! I knew there was a way, just couldn't remember!
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