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Marantz has different internal parts geared more towards audio quality.See here: http://www.audioholics.com/av-receiver-reviews/marantz-sr5008-sr6008-sr7008
Been ZT less for about 2 weeks now. Starting to have withdrawals. Can I visit one of you and get a quick fix?
Let me guess, Monaco AV?
Why not?
They sound even better then they look.
Get on KEF's website and hit up the dealer search. Then just dial away and see how lucky you get. Most respectable dealers will not discuss pricing besides MSRP over the phone but some will work with you if you come in person with cash in hand.
I've had towers as surrounds before, it's overkill. I'd go with the CM1 or even better, the CM5.
Google images does.
Not true. If you look at the B&W parts list, the CM line uses different part numbers for drivers and crossovers.I do think it's silly worrying about a different cap or rounded edges on a magnet. Lol.
Shorter ceiling in #2 but left side open to kitchen.
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