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No, was it on this forum or elsewhere? Link?
Bummer, can't resist a good deal on some new toys!
It becomes a slippery slope. Before you know it, you are messing around with amps and source gear as well. It's fun though, so who cares...
I am interested in hearing with you guys think of the MB Quart speakers.
If anyone cares, I have a pair of IQ90s in excellent condition for sale. Can ship. Let me know.
Too lazy to create an account there. I would vote Oblivion no doubt. Good stuff.
A pair of used KEF IQ90 speakers in excellent condition. Black finish. I am the original owner. Purchased brand new from Vanns. I have all of the accessories they came with and the original boxes. Local pickup or I can ship. I am in Placentia, CA. Contact me for shipping quote.
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