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Alright, I am happy for you...let's move on here....
Lol, too funny. The exact remark one can expect on AVS, verbatim. I am of the belief that one should use their own eyes and ears to decide for themselves!
Ignorance is bliss!
You'd be surprised in terms of audio quality. I'll leave it at that...
I use audioquest carbon hdmi cables. I didn't notice nor was expecting picture quality improvement. However I absolutely noticed an audio quality improvement when playing back high quality sources such as blurays.
Thanks. I think I will try to make it next time I down in the San Clemente area.
I would like to hear the new Sierra -2. Does Ascend have a showroom at their location and is an appointment necessary?
Congrats dude. I heard some Totem speakers a while back and really liked them. Couldn't believe the amount of bass they put out as they tend to use smaller drivers/enclosures.
Wow...pretty dumb move on MS's part to put a bright white static logo in the interface. So it can not be turned off or changed? Hopefully there is an update down the line for you guys...
Skip Polk. Can't go wrong with either the Cambridge or Ascend, IMO.
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