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Guess I've led a charmed life but my A650 has reached 39 months and going strong. As the thread starter it's good to report the status. Definitely a worry to see so many problems. Don't know if it's a factor but the set has been on an UPS most of its life.
Thanks The Tophinator! After posting that it dawned on me that I should check the manual or the sticker on the back of the DLP...
Thank you for this excellent thread, VideoBruce! The Tophinator, thanks for the detailed instructions and helpful pictures on replacing the lamp in your HL61A650. I have the HL56A650 which should be the same. What model # was the lamp you used?
I probably have about 50 unopened of the over 220 I bought at firesale prices. Don't see any need to get rid of HD DVDs since they are HD no matter what color box they're in. The main bad thing about not viewing them long ago is occasionally one freezes, especially the combos. But a little soap and water often takes care of that. I have about 10 BDs but it'll be a lonnnnngggg time before I make it to half the number of HD DVDs in the collection.
Still, what Viking61 has done upgrading the A30 with A35 firmware is amazing especially since most HD DVDs are Dolby Digital + in the first place. If the "dirty firmware" had also allowed bitstreaming Dolby Digital TrueHD that truly would have been incredible. I also haven't tried it but am tempted. Thank you for all the hard work on this project, Viking! BTW I notice that A35s recently have been going for about $100 on eBay (saw an A30 go for about $40) so maybe...
4.0 was the latest firmware upgrade and probably the last of course. Most people are happy with it. By bitstream I assume you meant HBR via HDMI and in that case you do need the A35. The A30 does bitstream via Toslink but only lossy formats.
Picked up the Panasonic DMP-BD60 last week at RC Willey for $99. Don't know if that's still valid. No doubt they were clearing old inventory but it was exactly what I was looking for. ETA: don't see it on their website but the DMP-BD80 is $160: http://www.rcwilley.com/Electronics/...layer-View.jsp
Is there a FAQ thread on the DMP-BD60/80 that consolidates the really useful information? I've hopped around this long thread a little but hope that there's a FAQ somewhere. Thanks!
I held out on Blu-ray a long time but couldn't ignore a closeout Panasonic DMP-BD60 (last year's model) for $99 last weekend. Didn't really need it but said to myself a long time ago I'd jump on a quality BD player when they hit $100. I had seen Magnavox and Insignia closeouts drop to that level in the last year but never a player as good as the Panasonic. I figured the new player could take over the chore of DVD upconversion and hopefully extend the life of my A30....
I don't check this thread much anymore but it's sure worrisome to see a lot of power and bulb problems. My A650 is two years old this month and so far no problems and even on the original bulb. No EW and of course the Samsung 18 month warranty is long gone so fingers crossed here. It's hard to tell if most of them are reliable and we only hear about the problems - or are they all on borrowed time. We shall see...
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