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Hey John, wanna try out my settings? I have the UN32EH4000 which is pretty similar to your model. After going through 3 exchanges, I realised I should just stick with it. I changed some settings around and it helped tremendously with ghosting/overdrive.--Picture menuMode: MovieBacklight: 10Contrast: 95Brightness: 45Sharpness: 30Color: 50Tint: G50/R50Picture Options menuColor Tone: StandardSize: 16:9Digital Noise Filter: OffHDMI Black Level: LightFilm Mode: Off [greyed...
Damn that sucks man. I saw about 3 videos on youtube with that problem so that definitely made me stay away from that model lol.
Yeah cause it's noticeable on light colored backgrounds. It's a dim part of the screen the size of a dime.
Just noticed a black spot on my tv. Never seen it before but now I see it there all the time. Should I be worried?
I downloaded the 1011 firmware off the samsung website. My tv has 1014. Yet after it scans for the 1011 firmware on the usb it says do you want to upgrade version 1014 to 1011. So is 1011 a new update?
Anybody play Unfinished Swan on the PS3 and notice a lot of ghosting? I see this on my UN32EH4000.
bump. Anybody own this t.v. and have that problem? Or the new UN32Eh4003 model?
Anybody have this t.v. and notice a lot of color trailing on it? Specifically when it's black on white. An example would be Family Guy and every time Brian walks from left to right you can see color trailing from his black nose.
Thanks for the link. Does anybody in this forum own the TC-L32X30 because I haven't found any topics about it.
I've narrowed my search for a 32 inch tv down to these two. I would like to know which tv is better for viewing angles, picture quality, and most importantly input lag for video games. Unfortunately where I'm located I can't view these tvs in a store so I have to go with user reviews and people's opinions.
New Posts  All Forums: