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Don't forget the PopBox V8 in that list.You just need a computer to create the Jukebox and then the jukebox can reside on your player's storage or the same place that you keep your media files. You only go back to the computer when you need to make updates.It took me a very short time (less than 1 hour) to get YAMJ + Eversion set up and running and I don't think it is hard at all to keep it updated and running smoothly. I suppose if you really got into tinkering with it...
If you have a central NAS then I would think you can achieve what you want with many of the available media players. For my home theater room, I chose a PCH A-300. It has a built in jukebox (that I haven't been able to get working) but is also compatible with other Jukeboxes (i.e. YAMJ). It streams all content (video/audio/pictures) from my home server/NAS. I have the HDMI connected right to my AVR. For my bedroom, I chose a PopBox V8. It is basically a less expensive...
Yep. I can't get the dang NMJ V2 working but I had YAMJ+Eversion up and working in under an hour. I like it, but I want to explore all my options. I did have a heck of a time getting the internal hard drive to be recognized but I got over that by formatting while connected through USB and then installing internally.
I'd say it depends on the price and cost of repair. If you can buy two refurbs for the price of one new, it may be worth it. Plus if the parts that break are relatively easy to replace it might not be a bad deal.
Oddly enough, I was able to get YAMJ+Eversion up and running in under an hour. I like it as a starting point but I really want to try NMJ v2 and other Jukeboxes that will work on the A300.
I posted for help on the NMT forums but that place is a bit of a ghost town lately. Hopefully it picks up soon and I can get some help. In the meantime, I thought I'd try here. I have a new A-300 with a 1TB internal HDD. NMT Apps have been installed, and I started the Samba Server. However, I can't seem to create the NMJ. I have added a network share to a small collection of blu-ray folders on my PC. I can browse the share through the A-300 and play all of the video...
It is more about the amount of heat they generate and most players don't have adequate cooling as it is. Plus, no need for the extra speed as the 5400 RPM drives are plenty fast and usually cheaper.
Mine will be here on Tuesday so I can start checking things out for myself. The A300 really hit the sweet spot for me in price/features. Hopefully it does what I want it to do. I've built a 12TB RAID 5 NAS to store my BD rips. That should take me a while to fill up. Now I'm looking for an inexpensive player to put in my bedroom so I can access the movies outside of my home theater.
My order was just processed for the next batch of A-300 boxes to ship. How long should I expect to wait once it ships?
Thank you! I suspected there was a program out there but I just finished working 14 hours and taking care of two babies... This boy is tired!
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