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so that won't work ? can you please tell me why ?
Can I mount it to the back of a piece of furniture, upside down, and just pull the screen up ? Or will the lack of gravity create too many waves? What if I fabricated more hooks across the bar to even it out?
I didn't see anything but the chart, but I couldn't understand all of that... sorry
Ok, so I just got my brother a new 605... Got a ps3 hooked into it with hdmi and have directv hooked in with hdmi.... got a set of klipsche quintet IIIs with sub10 all hooked up... My question concerns all of the different ways to output the audio... Can someone tell me what the best way to output sound for : non-hd programming hd programming regular DVD with dolby d 5.1 capability blu ray Currently, for regular dvds, blu rays, and hd channels, the apparant...
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