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Anyone confirm or deny this....I'd hate to go buy a coax cable and splitter for my house and it not work..My modem and TV are about 25 feet apart
channel 13-1 re-appeared today...good, now I get to watch my Browns in HD...Woot!
I live in Nitro and I get 8-1 at a perfect 100, 11-1 around 75-72 and 3-1 at 68-70...I hadnt been able to get 13-1 until about 4 weeks ago and I had an antenna on for about 4 months, then last Wed. my signal went to ZERO and havent been able to get one since, do you think this amp would help my signal and what exactly does this amp plug into?? The antenna? QUOTE=Amerikes;12324138]I believe that I would try the Channel Master indoor distribution amp first, since this is...
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