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My point is this, the law says they can kill X amount of whales...they do this. If the Phonies, aka the SS, want to stop whaling, go to the govt. that allows whaling. If they want to go after the Japs., who are doing their jobs, and say we are willing to die for these animals, then do it. Go out there and defend them. Dont sit on your boat, or little boats and drive beside them...it wont stop them. Hell no thats not bravery, its putting on a show. Im starting to think...
Thank you...
If they are willing to DIE, then a little jail wont hurt them. Get a bigger boat and ram them, that would be good entertainment.
If they'd get creative there is plenty they could do...if they really want to stop these whales from getting killed. Plenty they can do. Again cowards!
Been watching the show for a very long time....and they are stupid cowards. If your willing to die for an animal...then do it, dont talk and then back down...do it. The goal is no more deal whales...well , they failed and the entire crew is still alive.Ball less cowards
I dont bother with espn unless a team i like is on there...sorry.
No...they are ball-less. I really hope they show a couple guys on their crying...it will make my day. bunch or gutless pansies. If they want to save these whales, they'd find something better to do than use sat. dishes and little bottles of smelly stuff. give me a break...wonder how much they are all getting paid for this stuff. I mean c'mon...the LRAD makes an annoying sound...the dish does nothing...how can you even attempt to try and fool them. phonies!!
I completely agree.
Are you sure about that?
I love how they think that rope is gonna stop those big ships...if the whales are as smart as the crew, no wonder they are on the brink of extinction. I also find it funny how the only major injury to occur is because of a wave and a guy falling over. If you are willing to die for a whale, quit b*tcing about the LRAD and it being irresponsible.
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