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I hope it shows all the grown men on that show crying too.
The guy in the small boat probably gets hit in the head with a bolt...now that would be funny.
Cheap ass plastic then...
I like how they were complaining about the whalers throwing "metal" at them (just say bolts please) and saying that they were trying to harm them, but yet, they throw glass bottles with acid in them. The crew said, we arent throwing at people trying to hurt them, but they are....so your not throwing acid where people are standing....??? Go Whalers!
That is bada$$.
Exactly right.
Last Year I was able to get suddenlink internet for $30 without any other services...it took some talking too, supervisors and multiple calls, but eventually got it.
I would highly enjoy that....Sig is the man.
Wonder if they will carry all of them or just a selection. Took dish a week or so before it got CBS.
Yea, I deleted the, from my receiver and still nothing....not a "big" deal, Dish carries all the locals in HD, just liked the radar map on 13.2.
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