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My indoor antenna is UHF and VHF. In Nitro,doesnt pick up the channel anymore, but its saved on my DVR, just ZERO signal. I can re-scan the channels and not save them and when I do re-scan it doesnt find them anymore.
Anyone in the area having any luck getting WOWK of an antenna??? Haven t been able to get it in about 3 or 4 months and Im missing the Radar on 13.2.
When I had turbo silver...I had FX and Speed in HD.
Actually...Turbo HD Silver did have Speed and FX in HD....I had it just the other day and watched FX...then I switched back to classic pack to get mtv and nick.
Just switched to the classic silver plus HD...they gave me $10 off for 5 months because i was unhappy. I now get all the new hd channels...they look great.
I hate ESPN....but if NFLN doesnt have the coverage in HD....gotta go with ESPN.
So WTF gets these new channels??? I get CC, and Spike in HD now...but im not getting Nick...has it not launched yet??? It isnt showing up @ 170 for me either.
How many more epsiodes til the finale?
Whose the satellite guys?
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