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I had to call and it took all of 5 minutes...dont forget to lose the DHPP.
You'd have to have a Dish and DTV sat. but it could be done.
Doesnt say anything about a contract extension...looks good to me.
Its listed on the gold package in my mailer and online...
Just got a letter in the mail stating my rates were going up. Went from 76 to 79 dollars so I called and switched to Silver HD package and now its gonna be 57. It does include Reg. Sports programming, locals and DVR. I forgot to ask about the DHPP...im sure its still in there...may have to call back and cancel that...anybody ever use it? I havent.
I emailed WSAZ about it last night: Hi, We're having an equipment problem. Our engineers are working on it now to get it corrected. Please bear with us. Rob Johnson WSAZ
Is this show getting renewed?
Since we are doing questions, I have one. How do you watch your HD programming on your TV??? Normal, Stretched, Zoomed, Partially Zoomed, Grey Bar? Which gives the best picture?? Im currently watching mine on stretched because I hate the black bars on the top and bottom of the TV when its on normal. I was trying it out today and had it on Fox News during the "factor" and it was boxed in all around the picture and looked tiny.
good its not just me
Anybody else get a popping like noise with NBC primetime shows? It has been happening more and more with the sound going out. It only happens on this channel and it I hear it on multiple TVS in my house.
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