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I can finally join the Integra club. My brother got me a sweet deal on a Integra DTR-20.3 and I am loving this unit. However, nothing is perfect and with this unit, I am having issues with online radio apps. I was able to get Spotify after updating its firmware but the playback sounded like crap compared to Pandora and vTuner. Also, a lot of my tracks in my playlists were not available. It shows in the list but when I select them to play it puts up a message on screen...
Mattyyyy!!!!! We really did have a blast playing MW2. I often overlooked the flaws in those games because I was with good company and had fun playing together. Not going to promise anything just yet. Bought a house recently, so, I am house poor at the moment. Still furnishing the place and fixing up typical house stuff.
I know I know and I wouldn't be offended if you did. It's just that I got frustrated with the lag and stale maps from BO2 so much that it made me quit playing FPS all together. I really liked BO2 but now I play League of Legends. Talk about a drastic change.
Glad to see the old crew still around and enjoying the franchise. If Microsoft decides to make One backwards compatible then I will sell the 360 and upgrade, otherwise, I will keep the 360.
Lol! I am sooooo behind on all the cool games. However, I am not impressed with Titanfall. All they did was take CoD: Ghost and added Killstreaks you can control on land...oh wait, you already do that with the RCXD. =(
Stopped by to say hello. I miss playing CoD with the crew but I haven't turned on my xbox in over a year, so, I apologize if I haven't replied back to any of your live messages.
They really think outside the box don't they. I mean they could have taken maps from Uncharted and Tomb Raider series and I would have been excited. Releasing these same old maps? They already got our money so who give a flying f****
Yayyyyy!!!! re-skinned Summit and Crisis....oh wait, I had to pay for the old maps...awwww =(
I enjoyed playing BO2 and other than MW2, this is the 2nd title that I prestiged pretty high. If it wasn't for League of Legends, I would be playing BO2 every night.
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