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Nick Davis did a great job on the remix, sounds great
Wow, best 100 bucks I've ever spent. Sounds great.
Hi guys, My Sub's LFE input has a loose connection. I'll get it fixed sometime in the future, but I was wondering if I could hook up a different way. I have low level rca inputs and high level speaker wire inputs. I was looking at my 3808 connections and I don't see the correct outputs for my fix. Any advice would be helpful. thanks I'm thinking a Y adapter from Pre output to Low Level RCA input is my best option . ?????
Hi guys, Tried to come up with a good title thread. Basically I was wondering what optimal frequency response you should look for in a 7.1 channel setup for each speaker ? Obviously hearing range 20Hz - 20Khz is a good start, but I was thinking with a subwoofer, does the typical receiver send all the low frequencies to the subwoofer , thus eliminating the need for all channels to have a low end? What kind of range should a good subwoofer have ? How about all...
I also noticed some stagger with Fellowship of the Rings/ BDUP5000 and PZ750U.
HD version. Haven't tried other.
I had the same problem, same player.
Got my 750 set up yesterday. It's huge, a beast to move in the packing box. But it sure looks good, even with the settings all turned down to low. I still want to figure out how to use the PiP feat. I noticed there are not two 75 coax inputs on the TV. Does anyone think that would have been a benefit ?? I have my samsung bdup5000 hooked up and Comcast cable.
thanks kwindrem, I have hdmi receiver so i should be ok with all the trimmings.
If I hook up with HDMI and Digital Audio out, will that cover all needs, or do I also need the analog 7.1 connections too?
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