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Nope not at all. Just because we've become accustomed to these type of practices doesn't make them any less shady to me though haha
Great news. Super shady though if it turns out that MS actually moneyhatted to keep Activision quiet about Playstation dedicated servers.
thanks. i figured out i could just switch between stereo and 5.1 in the netflix ui to get the audio back. sorry for the cross posting across both forums. not many people seem to have this headset leaning towards keeping these over the xp400s
same here. glad the ps4 has apparently fixed this. super lame how you had to leave the ps3 powered on to charge wireless controllers.
i'll be damned. you're right...
I'm actually already using my TV to power it due to neither console supporting usb power during its "off" state. I'll try a different power source and see if it helps though. Do you happen to have a PS3 and Netflix?
Usually they show up in game stops, best buys etc.
Figured I'd post my observations and impressions of the PLYR1 and some comparisons to my XP400. Comments are regarding PLYR1 unless otherwise noted: *** I AM NOT AN AUDIOPHILE PLYR1 seems to have a much fuller sound than the XP400. Music and movies sound better. That's the best I can describe it. I'm guessing that this has a lot to do with the bass it outputs. Still need to play with the three different EQs. On the XP400 sounds would get distorted.static-y at times...
my current headset requires me to plug the receiver into the ps3 for chat to work properly but obviously I don't want both consoles powered on at the same time so I use my tv usb when I play Xbox and then have to switch to ps3 usb if I play anything that requires ps3 voice chat. i recall reading that the ps4 will have a low power state and will not completely shut off unless you unplug the power completely. i know you will be able to charge your ds4 this way. however,...
This was happening to me when using the Netflix app when going from app/XMB to the actual tv episode stream. But only if the stream supported 5.1. Was pretty annoying. Oddly enough it didn't happen during gaming. Toggling between 5.1 and Stereo in the Netflix UI brought the audio back. Anyone else experiencing this?
New Posts  All Forums: