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A week is a long ass time...I wonder how many people were affected by this. Update was already pulled down by the time I had a chance to power up my PS3 that day.
virtual boy but in all serious, oculus rift is kinda cool
In my defense. I was still in bed. lol
ah must have missed it. sorry for repost.
Take this with a grain of salt but...if true the "10 person family share plan" was not going to be as amazing as some of the more naive people though. I think most of us knew there would be some catch:http://www.heyuguysgaming.com/news/12507/heartbroken-xbox-one-employee-lets-rip-must-read
off topic but this thread seems to be getting the most traction... is xbox.com/ xbl down for everyone else?
Xbox 360 sort of has sharing. When you download a game for the first time you get two licenses one license belongs to the console and the other license belongs to the gamertag you used. Not advocating this but you can leverage this to your advantage.
We all know petitions don't work you need to start a twitter hashtagEveryone tweet at microsoft twitter accounts #yesxboxdrm
I'm hoping this is intentional like a satire about fanboy-ism or something. lol
Found this facebook xbox one fan site to be hilarious: yesterday they posted this graphic: and now today: smh...
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