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Yep. Everything looking good so far. Its only been one day though. May still take you up on your offer. What's my grace period on sending my extra board back to you?
Just had my 5020 modified to "e-lite" and calibrated by D-nice. Reports linked if interested So I'm currently watching stuff over OTA television using the built-in tuner. I've noticed that there is some variation in color. Some of these shows (i.e. EXTRA, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight) are REALLY garish looking even after calibration. Am I correct to assume this is simply how these shows are lighted. Its pretty jarring when you go from a commercial where you see...
D-Nice paid me a visit over the weekend. I had him perform the "e-lite" mod on my Kuro 9G PDP-5020FD. Good lord they weren't kidding when they said that most of the hard work is taking apart the back cover/panels, keeping track of all the screws, and putting things back together. This part almost took the same amount of time as the actual calibration . Once he finished the hard stuff I didn't really ask him any questions and just let him do his thing. The entire process...
anyone link me to any posts with pictures with before and after pro calibration?
Oh and would any calibrators be able to do the Kuro 9G 5020 NE -> "e-lite" board swap if I already had a board on hand or is that type of modification generally not done (warranty, liability issues)? My set is long out of warranty so...yeah.Unfortunately not. I should have specified West Los Angeles as my location.
Thanks for the descriptions. Ended up leaving DRC at Standard instead of Max. Setting to Max made background music in games almost inaudible in the volume settings I llke to use. Setting nightmode and turning down the sub volume seems to have done enough to quell any complaints. That or the neighbor just got used to it and gave up. LOL.
Interested in getting 5020fd calibrated. Is this list for California pretty much up to date?
So...trying to be a considerate neighbor. I am on the top floor of a condo complex. Neighbors below me complained when I first got my ct350 because of the vibrations when I'd watch action movies or play explosion heavy video games. So I guess the issue is more about the vibrations than being able to hear me. I've already bought one of those isolation foam sub-dude thingies. I think it helps a little and I always turn night mode on after 10PM. Can someone explain these to...
I've always seen this on my set. I think its normal? Seems like its just powering on so maybe the black levels aren't properly adjusted until after the 10-15 secs it takes for the set to start allowing inputs? Maybe someone else can confirm. FYI I have the 5020
Anyone using this set with a Pioneer Kuros 5020FD? Everything functioning as it should?
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