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Hi All. Have had my DTR 80.3 for 1 month now replacing an Onkyo TX-SR875. My problem is I cannot for the life of me get it to play my mains with my subs (ie 2.1 PCM) . I called support and was told by a tech, obviously reading from the manual, thet it can't be done with this receiver. My previous Onkyo had no problem with it. Just to clarify I'm not talking Pure Audio. Thanks!
I have an RS-10 (6 mos. old) and today it started doing the same (similar) thing. No picture, and a minimally response menu from either the remote or the control panel. I tried disconnecting the power cord but nothing changed. I have it disconnected now and will see if putting a little time behind the disconnect helps. Frustrating! Just got my BR copy of "Up" and was all ready to watch it. Has anything changed since this post?
Has anyone been able to burn a dvd from DirecTV's HR-20 (hd dvr)? I have a Philips DVDR 615 player/recorder but have been unable to make it work. Any suggestions?
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