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Hello all... I recently moved to a new house and my old living room was dark most of the time so my settings were perfect. My new living room is a lot brighter and now I get a lot of glare and if a few windows or lights are on I can't see the tv at all. Instead of ditching it for something else I figured I would ask on here is someone can help me adjust my settings for a bright room. Please post up any suggestions. TIA I tried increasing the brightness and contrast but...
Thanks...I will assume my 73 is the same then...soooThis was helpful...I'm looking at a soundbar/sub system to replace my old 5.1 and it looks like most use an optical.If I get a toslink I should be able to get a soundbar system with optical in only and still be able to hook it up to my C9 with the converter?
Can someone with a 73C9 tell me if they TV has an optical out? My C9 is in storage in another State and I can't remember if it has one...
I've been using the settings that Great12k6 posted on page 6 in post #156...these look the best for my crappy signal I'm getting from the cable company I have to use.
Thanks for all your input...I'm giving the settings you posted a try for a little while. Seems a little dim
When you download the update from the LG website on to a jump drive and plug it in to the TV's usb slot then the menu pops up.
Can you explain how to make this adjustment?
I'm going to watch a Bluray now and see how I like these. Contrast seems high to me but we'll see...
Used my WOW disc tonight and will share the following. I usually just watch TV with a lamp on so the room isn't completely dark. I used ThurstonX's suggestions in his post #31 on the top of the second page of this thread. Backlight - The WOW disc doesn't have a calibration for this, so just adjust to your liking I suppose. Mine is at 75 Contrast - 93 Brightness - 48 Sharpness - 65 Color - 57
My disney WOW blu ray should be here tomorrow. I will post up settings if I can get through the disc lol
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