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yea i meant a dvr, but i just call any dvr a tivo
How about this direct tv plus hd dvr. We already have the local channels and hd subscription, so how much would it add to the bill?
I'm thinking about getting a tivo. I have direct tv. How much would it cost to buy one (i heard direct tv will rent it to you, i'd rather buy it), and what is the extra monthly cost? Anything else I should know about it? Thanks. ==edit== I will also need an HD one because our current receiver is HD and I'd die without that now.
Hey. I just got my z 5500's today and it seems like the only thing they are missing is an am/fm radio. So I was wondering what sort of reciever I should get to plug into the z 5500 to get radio signal. I would prefer something that has coaxial output and maybe HD radio. Also want something cheap. Thanks. ==edit== This looks pretty good. Will I be able to just plug that into my z 5500, or would I need something in the middle? thanks.
Heres what I was thinking. Toslink cable going from the switch to the z 5500. One toslink cable to the switch from my xbox 360, and a cable from my macbook that is Toslink to mini toslink.
Nevermind i found out this is what I need. Can anybody tell if that has regular toslink ports of mini?
I'm getting the logitech z 5500 and I'm looking for a way to have 2 optical lines plugged in. I was looking for an optical switch when I came across this. If I plugged both optical devices into that, andthen plugged that into the z 5500, would it work? Aslong as I only have one device on at a time.
I have been thinking about getting a new dvd player in a few months and was wondering if I should wait for one HD format to finally take over (which will probably be blu-ray), and get a HTIB; or just get a blu ray player?
Thinking about buying these but I have some questions. 1) The placement of the rear speakers will be difficult for me, one might have to be poking out from under my bed. Will that effect the sound quality at all? 2) Anybody know the dimensions of the sub? 3) Can I control the sound of just the subwoofer? 4) What are the best ways to connect my Xbox 360 and my Macbook to it? Thanks.
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