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Sorry, OP. Off topic for a while.renethx, when you're talking about PQ, BTW, I have a quick question.An HTPC with Core i3 vs discrete HD 7770 vs a HD Player Oppo 105, which one should I buy for PQ? Why? I'm mainly playing 3D iso movies.Thanks for your reply.
Thank you.
Can I use TMT 6 or Power DVD 13 to play bluray 3D movies iso on this? On the fence to grab one. Thanks.
Any body can tell where I can buy Intel desktop board Intel NUC D54250WYB? Thanks. With an i3 CPU attached, I even can watch 3D bluray movies with DTS-HD MA and Dolby TrueHD pass thru.
People are now talking about Radeon cards for what? For HTPCs or heavy games?
Time to replace my current really old HTPC. My budget is around $1300. Watching movies (bluray + 3D bluray iso) that I ripped and keep in my Synology NAS over home network in 70% time and listening music 30% of time. A friend of mine suggested to buy Oppo 105 (AKA all-in-one), while as I planed before I will build a HTPC and pair with a seperate USB DAC (just for music). But now, I'm in the bad mood that I don't know which way I should go: Oppo 105 or HTPC + Dac. Please...
What did you mean *some* here?Why not ALL 3D support? Or you're not sure what's you talking about?
Thanks. I had several times to grap it at $10 AR, but I didn't. Why? It's definitely not fanless.
Guys, don't get me wrong. I've NEVER seen HD6450 with FANLESS at $10 AR. If you can see that really good deal, please post at "Computers and Parts Great Found Deals!" Much appreciate it.
As usual, HD5450 fanless at $10 AR.
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